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Real Bright Bubble Arrangement
Real Bright Bubble Arrangement
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Real Bright Bubble Arrangement

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This cute and quirky arrangement adds a retro touch to any room. The vibrant purple and yellow colours bring a spunky energy, while the purple palm in the yellow bubble vase adds a unique and playful element. Brighten up your space with this real eye-catcher.

25cm tall x 10 cm wide 

Due to the nature of the products and being designed and handmade in store there will always be a bit of difference to the product in the photo. 

Preserved Flower

Preserved flower are completely natural cut flowers/ foliage that have been preserved to keep them looking fresh for a long time. Having undergone a safe treatment and preservation process, the beauty, and vitality of the fresh cut flower is captured and preserved.

Preserved flowers can last between several months to years, depending how they are cared for.

Flower Care 

While they are low-maintenance, you do need to remember a few things:

1. Although they look like fresh flowers, they are not and do not need water.Coming into contact with water may damage them.

2. Keep them out of any humidity and sun.

3. They are still fragile like fresh flowers, so be careful when handling them

4. Since they will be lasting a long time, it is inevitable they will gather some dust. When this happens, dust then lightly, or blow off the dust using a hair dryer from afar on cool and low speed.


If the product is in stock, same day dispatched, next day delivery is available within Auckland. If not, 5 business days needed for hand made bouquets.

Because of the fragile nature of dried flowers, we do our best to ensure all our arrangements are packaged to arrive safely to your place.  Wall installations unfortunately cannot be shipped.
If you have any questions or queries about our product, email us at hello@ayou.co.nz.